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Wolverine Brown mini bust (X-Men) by Bowen Designs

Wolverine Brown mini bust (X-Men) by Bowen Designs

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Wolverine, the most enigmatic of the X-Men, first sliced his way into Marvel Comics in the October 1974 Issue of the Incredible Hulk. Recruited by Professor X  into the second incarnation of the X-Men, Wolverine's ferocity has both aided and appalled his teammates.  Over the years, his spirit has proven as unbreakable as his claws, leading him to victory against such diverse menaces as Japanese ninjas, the prehistoric beasts of the Savage Land, and his bloodthirsty nemesis, Sabretooth. Wolverine remains forever the best there is at what he does.

Sculpted by Randy Bowen and the Shiflett Brothers. Stands over 6" tall. Fully painted and ready to display.

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