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Venom mini bust 3 pack (Spider-Man) by Bowen Designs

Venom mini bust 3 pack (Spider-Man) by Bowen Designs

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The set includes a bust of Spidey in his regular red-and-blues, as well as his later black-and-white costume, created for him by alien technology on the Secret Wars planet. The centerpiece of the set is a magnificent Venom bust, ready to attack! All three busts come mounted on bases sculpted to resemble the roiling tendrils of the alien symbiote. All three busts come fully painted and ready to display.

Sculpted by Randy Bowen.

Venom Triple Pack Mini Bust Set includes the mini busts of Spider-man, Black Costume Spider-Man, and Venom. The Spider-Mans are 5.5" in height and Venom is 7.25" in height

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