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Ultimate Wolverine bust variant Bloody version (X-Men)

Ultimate Wolverine bust variant Bloody version (X-Men)

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Sculpted by Rudy Garcia and designed in conjunction with Adam Kubert, Ultimate Wolverine is the fifth in DST’s Ultimate X-Men line.

Rudy Garcia has captured all the aspects of Wolverine’s personality; the seething anger just beneath the surface can be seen in his eyes. He is poised ready to burst into action. Is he friend or foe? Forget all you know about Wolverine and the X-Men, this is Ultimate X-Men, updated and brought forth for a new generation of fans!

The claws and attitude are still there, but Logan is bulked up and ready to make a play for Jean Grey. That still mysterious past is never far from the X-Men’s thoughts. Is he here to hunt down the X-Men, or to work beside them? Has he left Magneto’s side, or is he in deep cover waiting for the right moment to shatter Xavier’s dream?

This piece is in scale with the rest of the Ultimate line, and measures 7” tall including the display base featuring the Ultimate X-Men logo.

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