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Tangled Rapunzel mini bust (Disney) - Grand Jester Collection

Tangled Rapunzel mini bust (Disney) - Grand Jester Collection

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Secreted away atop an isolated tower deep in a hidden vale, Rapunzel shares her lonely existence with best friend and confidente Pascal the chameleon. Forbidden to cut a single lock of her golden hair, the captive princess' bountiful tresses grow to prodigous length with each turning of the season. But though locked away from the outside world, Rapunzel's creative spirit cannot be caged, as she finds freedom of expression through her various artistic pursuits.

This character-authentic polystone mini-bust is designed by Patrick Romandy-Simmons and sculpted by Jacqueline Perrault-Gonzales.

Standing 7 1/4" tall, Rapunzel comes painted and ready to display.

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