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Sentinel statue (X-Men) by Bowen Designs

Sentinel statue (X-Men) by Bowen Designs

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The Sentinels are robots in the Marvel Comics Universe. Most often encountering the team of mutants known as the X-Men, they were created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby, and first appeared in X-Men #14 released, November 1965. The Sentinals were created by Dr. Bolivar Trask, and are, perhaps, the X-Men's worst enemies. The Sentinels are giant robots programmed to hunt, capture and kill Mutants.  Several types of Sentinels have appeared throughout the years, manufactured by various private and paramilitary groups, but the typical Sentinel is three-stories tall, possesses the ability to fly, projects energy blasts and detects mutants. There is known to be a "Master " Sentinel whose powers are as yet unknown, but perhaps has the ability to think.

Comes with 4 interchangeable arms for different poses and dwarfs regular size statues with its massive height.

Sculpted by Carl Surges, Ulises Cantu & Randy Bowen. Stands 26 inches tall with base. Fully painted and ready to display. Limited to 500 worldwide.

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