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Living Dead Dolls series 15 set by Mezco

Living Dead Dolls series 15 set by Mezco

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From creators Ed Long and Damien Glonek, these sweetly twisted, undeniably irresistible dolls from beyond will have you dying for more. Each cleverly designed, brightly colored (but decidedly deceased) doll has been exhumed and carefully packed in its own coffin with an individual death certificate. They're waiting impatiently for you to let them out. After all, while it's true they've passed away, now it's time to play!

This Series 15 case consists of 5 different characters (subject to change):

Judas, Countess Bathory, Death, Flamingo, and Gypsy

Bring all 5 dolls together to build the "talking board" accessory!

Aren't you just dying to possess these?

Picture is a pre release publicity photo.Individual dolls may vary.

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