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Giant-Man & Wasp mini bust SIGNED (Avengers) by Bowen Designs

Giant-Man & Wasp mini bust SIGNED (Avengers) by Bowen Designs

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Giant-Man and the Wasp, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, became an atom-sized item in the June 1963 issue of Tales to Astonish. Biochemist Henry Pam perfected a shrinking serum embarked upon a career as Marvel's smallest super-hero, the astonishing Ant-Man. He soon enlisted a tiny teammate in the vivacious Janet Van Dyne, a millionaire thrill-seeker who used a variation of his serum to metamorphose into a diminutive dynamo called the wonderful Wasp. Armed with her grafted wings and "Wasp's sting" blasts, the Wasp continued as Pym's ally after her concocted a growth formula that transformed him into the battling behemoth Giant-Man. 

Sculpted by Randy Bowen. Stands approximately 6" tall.

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