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GI Joe Serpentor mini bust by Palisades Toys

GI Joe Serpentor mini bust by Palisades Toys

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Although little is known about the origins of Serpentor, it is rumored that he was "born" of a maniacal plot devised by the Cobra scientist, Dr. Mindbender. Using the most advanced technology available, along with DNA from some of history's deadliest warriors - including Napoleon, Attila the Hun, and Genghis Kahn - Mindbender set out to create the ultimate super-soldier! And he succeeded beyond his wildest expectations! Serpentor proved to be a great ally to the COBRAS in their fight for world domination...

But his appetite for power could not be satiated, and in time, he turned his wrath on Cobra Commander himself, taking control of the COBRA legions! And now you can bring home your own Cobra Emperor - as this beautifully sculpted Serpentor Bust, the 10th  in the G.I. Joe Mini-Bust Series!

Standing roughly 6" tall, and including stunning detail, Serpentor comes in a full-color, individually numbered box. Strictly limited to 1000 pieces.

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