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Doc Samson mini bust by Bowen Designs

Doc Samson mini bust by Bowen Designs

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Doctor Leonard Samson was confident that a device of his own design would siphon gamma radiation from the beleaguered Bruce Banner, curing Banner from his transformations into the mindless Hulk. Samson succeeded - temporarily- in July 1971 issue of The Incredible Hulk, and purposely exposed himself to gamma energy. The psychiatrist of meager build gained unfathomable strength and stamina, as well as a perculiar side effect: green hair. Doc Samson has used his super-strength in many altercations with the Hulk, in efforts to corral the rampaging brute. Samson's intellect allows him to outsmart his opponent, but the Hulk's rage-enhanced power makes him the stronger of the two. Samson is devoted to the psychoanalysis of Banner, committed to helping him deal with his explosive dual personality.

Stands over 6" tall. Sculpted by Randy Bowen.

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