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Bucky Barnes mini bust by Bowen Designs (Captain America)

Bucky Barnes mini bust by Bowen Designs (Captain America)

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The battling boy commando Bucky partnered with Captain America in a March 1941 classic by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. During WWII "Bucky" Barnes was Camp Lehigh's exuberant teen mascot, and became friends with Private Steve Rogers. Barnes fantasized over meeting Captain America, and accidentally stumbled across his hero's identity when he caught Rogers changing into the star-spangled sentinel's uniform. Taking the boy into his confidence, Cap trained him to be a crimefighter, and soon, the team of Captain America and Bucky tackled the Axis threat and super-villains alike.

Stands 5 inches tall, sculpted by Randy Bowen. Limited to 5000 worldwide.

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