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Nova Frankie Raye mini bust by Bowen Designs

Nova Frankie Raye mini bust by Bowen Designs

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Marvel's resident Miss Universe, debuted in issue #164 of The Fantastic Four (November 1975). Originally introduced as a love interest for Johnny Storm, Frankie Raye was a beautiful young woman with an acute case of pyrophobia. It was later revealed that Frankie's condition was due to a hypotonic suggestion placed in her by her stepfather Phineas Horon (the creator of the original human torch) after she was accidentally doused with the same chemicals that caused the android torch's incendiary ability. Frankie was not harmed but when she began exhibiting powers similar to her fiery "stepbrother", a guilt-ridden Horton induced fear of fire in her in order to prevent her from using her powers.

Sculpted by Jim Maddox. Stands approximately 6" tall. Fully painted and ready to display.

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